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Vintage FREE wine Box holds your children’s plethora of books

Vintage FREE wine Box holds your children's plethora of books

I traveled to my liquor store in hopes they would have old wine boxes I could use for a craft or mommy project. I was given this old wine box which the store was throwing away. I sat in my living-room looking at it and realized all the books my children threw all over the floor and I had nothing to keep them organized. I placed all their books in the wine box and it looks pretty fantastic.


$3 Rainy Day Projects

After visiting my local craft store A.C.Moore, I found these adorable wooden bird-housesĀ for $1. I bought one for each of my two children and a small washable paint set. $3 for each child to enjoy a small “spring” craft project on a rainy day is priceless. These bird houses were given as Mother’s Day gifts to their grandmothers.